The U17G Shockwave travel team has made a donation to SYA Soccer in loving
memory of Ms. Anne Roman, mother of team manager, Debbie Martin and
grandmother of Shockwave player, Lindsay Martin.

In a letter from the team, this was said about Anne Roman:

     "Anne Roman was a loving mother and grandmother who spent many weekends 
     at the SYA soccer fields cheering on her grandchildren.  She loved to watch
     them play and recognized the importance of sports in shaping their young
     lives...She quietly, and probably unknowingly, touched the lives of not just
     her immediate family, but the lives of the Shockwave family as well.  This
     gift in her name will help the SYA Soccer program continue in their mission
     to teach character, loyalty and commitment through the game.  We are all
     grateful for the legacy Anne Roman left us."

We are pleased to accept this gift from the Shockwave families.  Their
heartfelt donation in her honor will be used in our scholarship program to
strengthen the lives of many young players who may not have an opportunity
to play without donations such as this.

Thank you Shockwave families.  We truly value your commitment to our players
and our organization especially in this time of sadness for your team