Looking for information on SYA Travel Teams for 2016-17 The following information should help you find the right person!


SYA Coaches 2016-17 Seasonal Year

Additional Contact Information:

SYA Administrator (for registration questions): admin@syasoccer.org

SYA Technical Director (for program queries): pellis@syasoccer.org

SYA Travel Commissioner (for tryout or general questions): sya_travel@verizon.net 

Girls Teams

U9 Girls

Lead Coach: Craig Scott   

U10 Girls

Lead Coach: Rob Olson

U11 Girls 

Lead Coach: Carolyn Rice 

U12 Girls

Lead Coach: Mike Jorden

U13 Girls

Lead Coach:  Chris McCartney

U14 Girls

Lead Coach: Paul Ellis

U15 Girls

Lead Coach: Milimo Tindwa

U16 Girls

Lead Coach: Matt Kiefaber

U17 Girls

Lead Coach: Sean Burke

U18 and U19 Girls

Lead Coach: Gary Malbranche



U9 Boys

Lead Coach: Adam Baumgardner

U10 Boys

Lead Coach: Adam Baumgardner

U11 Boys

Lead Coach: Josh Harris

U12 Boys

Lead Coach: Mike Jorden

U13 Boys

Lead Coach: Chris McCartney

U14 Boys

Lead Coach: Craig Harwell

U15 Boys

Lead Coach: Dean Mcalpin

U16 Boys

Lead Coach: Steve Alibi

U17 Boys

Lead Coach: Josh Harris

U18 Boys

Lead Coach – Jac Cicala

U19 Boys 

Lead Coach - Fitz Lawrence