U9 SYA STORM wins 2007 Columbia Fall Classic Tournament

The U9 girls SYA STORM recorded 4 straight victories with strong team character and defense to win the 2007 Columbia Fall Classic Championship!  The talented group of 8 and 9 year olds played awesome soccer with confidence, determination and dedication to winning as a team.  SYA is very proud of their girls U9 SYA STORM team and Coach Kurt Gordon was quoted “I would go to battle any weekend with these girls!”  After going undefeated in WAGS Fall season play at 9-0 with zero goals scored against, the season ending Columbia tournament was a tremendous way to follow up their successful season.


The SYA STORM team character catapulted to its highest level this weekend, especially in the last two games.  The SYA STORM was down early 1-0 in both of the last two games and they dug down deep and won both games 3-1 and 2-1 against top ranked Maryland teams from Columbia and White Marsh Maryland .  The team seems to embrace their coach’s sentiment that Winners Never Quit and Quitters never Win!  The girls will hold great memories from the 2007 Columbia Fall Classic Championship and they will make Coach Kurt’s job easier in the future by allowing him to use the recent tournament success as a reminder that they can come back when they are behind. 


The old saying “Offense wins Games but Defense wins Championships”!  Oh how true during their tournament!  Incredible defensive play from Kelsey Kiley, Molly Cripe, Emma Carter, Rachel Fischer, Gabriella Gordon and others was truly a blessing to watch.  They played a masterly beautiful defensive game plan that continuously shut down the offensive attacks.  Their determination and physical play was awesome and complete hustle and sacrifice was clearly evident by plays like Molly Cripe committing her entire body to prevent a breakaway goal scoring opportunity in which she aggressively slammed her head down onto the field after tackling the ball and then the player.  That is sacrifice for the team!  (Molly if you’re reading this… let’s not make this a common occurrence!)


Beyond the stellar defensive fullbacks were two previously untested goal keepers.  Before the tournament these two goal keepers had a combined touches on the ball during each of their undefeated WAGS season games.  Their true game time ability to make plays was untested and unknown.  During the tournament, the two SYA STORM goalies, Erin Brockman and Emma Carter, made outstanding saves and defensive standoffs that thwarted off the final opponent’s offensive attacks.  Each of their goalie play was outstanding! 


In particular, Erin Brockman’s goalie dominance in the championship game single handedly stopped an extraordinary shot on goal (and a few other penetrating shots as well) that could have sent the game into an overtime shootout!  The team had practiced their penalty kick shootout prior to the tournament and Erin was selected to be their goalie if the situation came up.  Erin took the matters in her own hands and decided to take care of it in regulation play!  Yes – Defense does win championships and Erin Brockman and Emma Carter’s goalie play was a significant contributing factor in their tournament success. 


As the girls get older, more of their games are expected to be decided on 1-0 decisions and their defensive play by goalie and fullbacks will contribute to what side of the score they will end up on.  This weekend their defense was tested and they rose to the occasion!


After the tournament Coach Kurt was quoted “I’m just happy to be along for the ride” and “I’m just flat out proud of these girls!”


SYA STORM Surges forward!