SYA Team Success in State Cup Competition


2012-2013   SYA Excel u17B - Finalist, lost 3-4 OT.

                   SYA Cardinals Red U12B- semi-finalists

                   SYA Cardinals Red U12G- STATE CHAMPIONS!

                   SYA Cardinals Red U13B- Quarter-Finalists

2011-12          SYA Cardinals Red 14G- Semi-finalists
                       SYA  Cardinals Red 12B- Semi-finalists
                       SYA  Nova 18B                 semi-finalists


2010 - 2011   SYA  NOVA U17B- Semi-Finalists

                 SYA FCV 95- Semi-finalist  

                  SYA FCV 93 Cardinals - Semi-finalist 

                  SYA FCV 94 Hotspurs - Semi-finalist

                  SYA Arsenal U18G- Quarter-finalist
 2009-2010  SYA Arsenal u17G- Quarter-finalists
                   SYA NOVA u16B- Quarter-finalist
                  SYA Copperheads u18B- Quarter-finalist
 2008-09     SYA Nova u15B- Quarterfinalists

                  SYA Lions u16B- Semi-finalist
               SYA Copperheads u17B- Finalist
                  SYA Freedom u15G- Semi-finalist
2007-08         SYA  Freedom U-14G Semi-Finalist
2006-07        SYA  Elite U-16G Semi-finalist

SYA Power U12G  Finalist    
                     SYA Nova U-13 Boys Finalist
 2005-06       SYA Elite U-16 Girls Champion
                SYA Force U-16 Boys Champion
                    SYA  Freedom U-12 Girls Champion
2004-05      SYA Sidekicks U-15 Boys Champion
2003-04         SYA Wildcats U-14 Girls finalist
                      SYA  Sidekicks U-14 Boys finalist  
2002-03        SYA  Wildcats U-13 Girls finalist
                     SYA  Sidekicks U-13 Boys finalist
2001-02         SYA  Rangers U-18 Boys semi-finalist
                      SYA  Wildcats U-12 Girls semi-finalist

                     SYA  Sidekicks U-12 Boys
                                  Champion, Region I finalist

 1999-2000    SYA  Rangers U-16 Boys finalist
                           SYA  Predators U-14 Girls finalist










SYA teams have found success in the Virginia state cup competition over the years. We salute their accomplishments!