State Cup Finalists: SYA Copperheads

The Road to the State Cup Final:  The Copperheads did not allow a single goal against until the semi-final game.  They began by defeating SYC United in week 1.  Week 2 the Copperheads dominated KIC Elite 5-0, then beat local rival NVSC Royals in week 3, 2-0.  They traveled to Richmond for the semi-final to play RKE Elite.  They came back from a 2-0 deficit at the end of the first half to win 4-2.  Despite a great effort the next day, the SYA Copperheads lost the final match to GRFL GFA 91 Elite, 4-1.


First row:  Paul Boehme, Mark Toliver, Gio Arias, Fred Boateng, Irvin Herrera
Second row:  Eric Jewell, Alec Utter, Kyle Beach, Trey Bright, Jared Windt, Patrick Luke
Third row:  AC John Windt, Tim Hadsell, Toby Raine, Adam Clements, Juan Guerra, Alan Hinton, Kevin Murphy, Brian Cornell, Chase Ebel, Head Coach Irving Williams