UPDATE: Russ Horn has been named USYS Region 1 Volunteer of the Year and is a Finalist in USYS Volunteer of the Year!

Russ Horn has been with the club since its founding, when a small group of parents got together to form a soccer club. His children are long since grown and gone, yet he is still arguably the most tireless, dedicated volunteer in SYA Soccer. He may not be on the fields every day; but he is behind the scenes in every facet of the club. He has been soccer commissioner, club rep to all three travel leagues, travel commissioner for boys and girls, the R&D chair for SYA, served on R&D, the Executive committee, and the Structure committee for NCSL, has been a formulative figure in SYA’s rules and policies, can probably line fields in the dark by himself without strings or tapes, has done field maintenance, and he has coached and officiated. All that, and we’re sure we are still forgetting things!
When drafting the nomination letter to VYSA, we searched high and low for "old timers" who could take us back to a time none of us were here in the hopes that they could share thoughts about Russ and events in which he was involved. Unfortunately, these people are few and far between and our eventual nomination left out more years than we could actually find information to cover.
Russ Horn is fair, knowledgeable, and concerned with the good of the game and the welfare of all of the players above all else. He exemplifies the very best of the spirit of volunteerism. We are delighted to share news of this honor with you and hope you and your teams will all join me in congratulating Russ Horn at the earliest opportunity.