SYA Age Group Specific Rules

Essentially, we follow FIFA rules, except as outlined in the following documents:


(1) Beginning Fall 2010, the U10 SYA Rec Teams will play 6 vs 6.

(2) For all SYA U9 through U19 recreational soccer games that the game does not have assigned United States Soccer Federation (USSF) certified assistant referees, each coach is responsible for providing an adult volunteer to work as a club’s linesperson for the game. (Updated: May 17, 2006)   SPECIAL NOTE:  Volunteer or club linemen shall be under the jurisdiction of the Referee and their duties shall be restricted and limited to only indicating when the ball is in or out of play. 

(2) SPECIAL NOTE FOR all SYA U9 through U14 recreational soccer games, ONLY IF THE TEAM WITH THE THROW-IN IS MAKING A SUBSTITUTION, THEN THE OPPOSING TEAM MAY MAKE A SUBSTITUTION ON THEIR OPPONENT’S THROW-IN. (Rule Updated on January 31st, 2007 and EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY).  Refer to Law 3 - Part 3 for SUBSTITUTIONS for your respective age group’s modifications to Laws of the Game and SYA Soccer Club’s Rules.

 (3) LAW 4 -- Clarifications for Player’s Equipment – Updated October 19th, 2007 -- EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY

NO JEWELRY IS ALLOWED -- Player is not allowed to wear jewelry of any kind.  If a player chooses not to remove his/her jewelry, then he/she has chosen not to play in the game.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR MEDICAL ALERT ITEM:   A player may wear a “medical alert” item [typically a bracelet] to assist medical and emergency personnel.  The medical alert item shall be secured with tape, and the specific medical condition should remain visible to emergency personnel should the need arise.  The medical alert item must be identified to the Referee before the match to ensure the item is approved for wear and does not present a safety hazard to the individual or any other player.