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Spring Break Camp programs for Travel Players:

Travel Academy Full Day Camp

Aged 8-12 years of age

Dates April 18th – 22nd

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 3:30pm

As of 4/14/2011 New Camp Location: The SYA Complex (Fields of Dreams).

The Travel Academy Camp is designed for the serious younger travel player. The camp runs from 9:00-3:30 daily. A player must currently be rostered on a travel team to attend.

Travel Academy Players are in the transition stages of soccer. The player’s cognitive ability and physical maturity have reached the point where they are capable of executing most of the skills essential to playing the game of soccer. Technical skill with the ball is the foundation of a strong player and this is the age that a serious player must develop and hone these skills. It is important that players are correctly instructed on proper technique and that poor habits are eliminated, before those habits become too ingrained. The goal is to execute proper technique under pressure and with speed.

It is also the time to speed up decision-making and reaction time within the game. Travel Academy players are taught small group tactics and the essentials of team play. They will learn the principles of attack and defense in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 situations. Soccer is a team sport, but a player must be confident in their individual abilities and knowledge of the game to be a successful team player.

Training area’s covered:

Individual Technical Skills: Fast Footwork, Passing, Shooting, Heading & Receiving under Pressure, Combination Plays, Creativity with the Ball.

Small group tactics and team play.

Principles of Attack: 1v1 Attack, Support, Off-Ball movement and support.

Principles of Defense: Pressure, Cover, Balance.

Reading the Field: With Vision and Anticipation.

Positional Play: Individual Tactical Responsibilities of positions played on the field.

In addition, players are taught the psychological elements of the game including match preparation, practice habits and specific game situations.

Cost $210 per player for the full week, $135 for 3-Day option

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Spring Break Camp programs for Recreational Players: 

Dates April 18th – 22nd

Camp Location: Colin Powell Elementary School, Centreville VA

Little Cardinal’s for players aged 5-6 years of age

Monday – Friday 10:00am -11:30am

This program provides fun, fast-paced soccer-related games and activities for the newer players of the game. It develops motor skills, cognitive abilities and peer relationships and introduces children to soccer between the ages of 5 and 6.

All children taking part in a Little Cardinal’s sessions will be put in highly imaginative situations and asked to make their own decisions.

Cost $95 per player

 Player Development Camp for Recreational Players

Aged 7-12 years of age

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 3:30pm

The Recreational Camp is designed to prepare players who wish to play at higher levels of the game or who are interested in improving their game for the upcoming season.

At the youngest ages, we focus on developing the technical skills of soccer: dribbling, ball control, kicking, shooting and passing. With older players, we advance to receiving balls, 1v1 attack, tackling and heading.

Each skill is taught using a variety of methods, increasing the level of challenge as the player refines the skill. Eventually, the player is asked to perform the skill under match conditions. Older players are also taught soccer tactics and the basics of team play, including combination plays, ball possession, defending as a group, speed of play, and others. A fun fast paced program for Recreational players.

Cost $190 per player for the full week, $125 for 3-Day option

Please sign up for all camp programs at the link provided below:


Camps to be directed by Christian Cziommer – SYA Soccer’s Director of Training, Dean McAlpin – SYA Soccer’s Director of Player Development and Rob Olson – SYA Soccer’s Director of Operations/Director of Coaching.

For questions about the camp please contact Dean McAlpin at syacamps@gmail.com