Time for Character Counts Nominations for Spring 2012!

Character Counts Award Nominations Needed!

Please send all nominations to Jennifer Wiemann at: wiemannfamily@verizon.net


Nomination form

Parents, Coaches and Players,

It is that time of year when we ask you to take a look at your team and think about making a nomination to SYA’s Character Counts Program.  This season, SYA will recognize

            • one girl recreational player
            • one boy recreational player
            • one girl travel player
            • one boy travel player
            • one recreational house team coach/assistant coach
            • one travel coach
            • U6-U9 Player

But we cannot recognize these exceptional people if you don’t take the time to let us know about them.
So, please send us a short email/letter (500 words or less) and let us know how this person exemplifies the following character traits:

            • Respects referees, opponents, fellow team members and their coaches
            • Encourages others on the field, at practice, and off the field
            • Loves the game of soccer
            • Exhibits good sportsmanship and a positive attitude during games and practice
            • Displays good citizenship qualities

For the U6-U9 players, the child should:

            • Listen well to the coach
            • Be willing to try new skills
            • Love soccer; interested in learning the rules of the game
            • Be considerate of other team mates - doesn’t laugh at others
            • Follow directions

Nomination form


Please send all nominations to wiemannfamily@verizon.net


Thank you for your support of this program.