Spring 2004 Character Count Award Winners

SYA Soccer seeks to identify players and coaches who have demonstrated exceptional character during the year through the Character Counts award. Some of the qualities we will look for in selecting a winner for this award are: an encouraging attitude, being a team player, love of the game, respect for referees and opponents, and a high level of integrity. Other important qualities are self-control, a good work ethic, and reliability.


This Character Counts award is given to one girl recreational player, one boy recreational player, one girl travel player, and one boy travel player. It will also be awarded to one girls recreational coach, one boys recreational coach, and one travel coach. In appreciation, each awardee will receive a gift certificate to Cassel's.


The winners for Spring 2004 are:


Boys House Player Tyler Free

Girls House Player Brittany Ann Fary

Boys House Coach -  Dan OShea

Girls House Coach Bruce Robbins

Boys Travel Player James Button

Girls Travel Player Danielle Martin

Travel Coach Eric Stiegmann