Chracter Counts Winners - SPRING 2008

Boys – Travel
Anthony (AJ) May – SYA Vipers



    • willingly plays anywhere his coach needed him without complaint


    • exhibits positive attitude and respect for his teammates


    • last player to leave the sideline after the game, helps with his teammate’s belongings that were left behind


    • eager to help by demonstrating proper execution of various soccer moves and techniques


    • came back from vacation to support a tournament for another travel team experiencing a shortage of players 



Leah M. Baetcke – Shooting Stars



    • loves soccer; wonderful positive attitude towards the game and really towards life in general


    • her sincerity and enthusiasm are infectious and have helped set a fun and encouraging tone for the team at practices and games


    • Practice would not have started quite right if Leah didn’t get the chance to take me (the coach) on one on one, giggling with pride and pure joy when she was able to kick the ball away from me.  


    • shows respect and concern for her teammates, good listener


    • first to volunteer to play with the other team that was short players


Boys – House
Marcus deVos –Blue Lightning



    • shows respect for everyone on the team and treats every player as an equal


    • rather than keep the ball, will pass to a less skilled player to help the team; displays unselfishness on the field matched by very few players I have ever coached


    • always ready to practice and ready to play


    • the most very attentive and coachable player his coach has encountered


    • truly sets the example for player behavior on his team


    • is a good teammate and really is someone special.


    • sincerely and earnestly thanks his coach for coaching him. 


Rec Coach
Treg Fuller – SYA Crush



    • great combination of knowledge, enthusiasm and perspective each and every time he coaches


    • extremely fair and positive, and always manages to make practices and games enjoyable for the girls


    • seems to know how to coach just enough to each particular style and personality and with great results.


    • sets an example for the girls by being a good sport, himself.  Game situations do not rattle him, whether we are ahead or behind in the score. 


    • displays humor, patience and an acute understanding of how to convey the basic concepts of sound soccer playing to girls this age. 


    • manages not only to inject fun into the sport, has made this group of girls a true ‘team’.  One that is talented and yet grounded – never taking itself too seriously