Character Counts Winners Fall 2006

We are pleased to announce our award winners for the Fall 2006 season! We are please to announce the following players and coaches have been chosen for the Fall Season of 2006!

Highlights of our Winners
U6-U9 - Aleigh Gambone
  •        “A natural in the game.” 
  •        Always listens to her coaches
  •        Picked up the rules easily
  •        Shares the ball, never played selfishly and was always considerate of her teammates
  •        Is that team player always with a smile.
  •        Is a great leader, an athlete, and a team mate to watch in the future!

Girls House - Krista Pack
  •        Is a truly amazing and unexpected player; like a shooting star flying across the sky at night.  
  •        Puts 150% into every practice and shares her love of soccer on her sleeve.
  •        Has a refreshing sense of humility
  •        Smiles while pouring that last bit of energy into the team
  •        Is well respected by her teammates and a true leader in every aspect.

Boys House - Nicholas d’Andrade
  •        Is a testament to what a dedicated player should be
  •        Is modest and shy, accepts anything demanded from him
  •        Shows great leadership on and off the field
  •        Forfeited his all star designation to another teammate who had never played on an all star team, then showed up at the tournament to cheer his friends on
  •       He makes coaching a rewarding task.

Girls Travel - Jennifer Steinhilber

  •       Is exceptionally friendly and welcoming, cheerful, and always giving 110%.
  •       Is the “on the field cheerleader” and a positive force
  •       Practices until she gets it right, even if it means doing it at home and during her free time
  •       Is fully committed to soccer, her team, and her coach
  •       Sets an example by listening to what her coach has to say and does it
  •       Loves trying out the coaches “tips.

Boys Travel - Bryan Riedel
  •        Is highly regarded by his teammates, his coach and the parents as a young man who epitomizes great character
  •        Willingly stepped up and took on the goalie position and embraced the challenge with good humor and good sportsmanship
  •        Is a leader and positive spirit for the team
  •        Sets the example for team for Fundraising and various team activities
  •        Encourages his teammates and is a dedicated team member

House Coach - Johan Nye
  •        Is known at the “quiet giant” has earned the respect of both players and parents. 
  •        Is quoted, “Practices are for teaching. Games are for playing.” 
  •        Rather than yell at the girls, uses his quiet demeanor to get his points across
  •        Goes above and beyond dedication often traveling home from business trips to coach the team
  •        Was noted over and over again that he is a positive role model and maintains the highest of integrity in all situations.

Travel Coach - Jeff Rismiller
  •        Brave enough to coach “the wild bunch of 15-16 year old boys”
  •        Stepped up to the challenge of reminding the boys that soccer is a great sport;  where the referee is always right, things are not always fair
  •        Took a team of boys that were on a downward streak and quickly turned things around.
  •        Treats every boy firmly, but with respect
  •        Shows them they must work hard to get good results. 
  •        Is a great role model while instilling in them that soccer is a sport that will reward them in many years to come.