Character Counts Winners - SPRING 2007

SYA Character Counts Winners
Spring 2007

Girls House (Rec) – Haley Santymire
Haley is known by her coach and teammates to always give 110%. Her consistent display of excellent sportsmanship sets a great example for her team. She looks for the best in others, always compliments her fellow teammates and wears a smile to cheer her team. While continuing to excel in soccer, she never stops trying to help her fellow players and improve her own skills. Haley makes a difference in promoting the positive attitude of her team, the U12, Grapes of Thunder, and their soccer playing skills. She is a true leader.

Girls Travel – Isabelle Byers
As an integral member of the SYA Freedom U13, Isabelle received this award due to her total commitment to her team. Even through a painful injury last season, Isabelle attended practices and games while on crutches to support her fellow team members. Once recovered, she took charge and worked very hard to get back her infamous speed, strength and starting place in the line-up. She won the golden boot award as the team’s high scorer for spring season. Isabelle never lost her positive outlook and then was again honored to be one of the seven Freedom players to make District ODP. Her unwavering dedication is an inspiration.

Boys House (Rec) - Dustin Northcutt
As his coach noted, Dustin is a very courteous and sportsmanlike player. At the beginning of practice, he extends his hand to greet his coach and at the end of practice shakes his coach’s hand and thanks him for practice. He listens as the instructions are given and responds by putting all of his energy into the practice. He constantly is interested in learning more about the game of soccer. Dustin supports his team by never saying a negative thing about anyone, fellow player or opponent. He plays an aggressive game, but his courteousness is truly an example to follow.

Travel Boy – Brian Weiss
Brian’s positive attitude is noted as “infectious”. As a leader on the SYA AJAX Red, he excels at any position coach assigns him and accepts it without hesitation. He just straps on his goggles and says "I am ready!" His teammate’s comment that his presence make practices run better. While Brian has high expectations for himself, he is also encouraging to his fellow players to raise their level of play and then is complimentary when they do. He builds his team everyday by setting an example of an undeniable leader.

House Coach – Brian Lawlor
As the coach of the Strikers, Brian is always looking out for the best interest and needs of the players. He has highly respected by both players and parents because he is instructive and supportive and is prepared with equipment and a plan for each practice. His interaction with the boys is sometimes playful, sometimes more strict, but always positive. His coaching style is competitive but not consumed with winning. His true character shows through in his even keeled temperament and incredibly positive nature with everyone. Brian impacts players with continual encouragement how each player’s importance to the team, how he wants to use them, resulting in building esteem and self confidence. He is noted an amazing role model, leader and coach for not just for kids, but parents too.

Travel Coach – Karen Utter
Karen, as the coach for the U16 Girls Attack team, creates and participates in various opportunities for team building. Her coaching style makes each girl feel that they are an important part of the team, builds on each girl’s strengths, and encourages girls to move to higher level teams to further their soccer career. Karen is a great example of integrity as she is not willing to lower her standards in order to win a game. She is kind, goodhearted, fair and honest, loves the game of soccer, and loves sharing her knowledge with the girls. Her value system is integral to her coaching; teaching the girls that having values and living up to them is the best way not only to play soccer, but to live your life.