Character Counts Winners - SPRING 2006

Character Counts Award Winners – Spring Season 2006




We are very pleased and excited to announce the following people as our Spring Soccer Season 2006 Character Counts Award winners. We received the most nominations ever this season so please join us in congratulating this players and coaches in receiving this award.






s       Started as shy and unsure


s       Listened to coaches encouragement which led to remarkable improvement


s       Is a confident and assertive player


s       Leads the cheers on the sidelines


s       Always smiling




Girls House – KAYLA VARNON


s       Consistent in her earnest approach to learning the game


s       Encourages the rest of the team at all times


s       Sets the example by being respectful to coaches


s       Participates in fund raising


s       Always eager to participate in any soccer activity






s       Never misses a practice


s       Displays a great sense of humor, positive attitude winning or losing


s       Excellent student and about to earn his Eagle Scout


s       “Mr. SYA” : A valuable asset to SYA; is a referee, a girls house coach and an SYA player




Boys Travel – ANDREW YOW


s       Is unfailingly respectful


s       Is the cheering section on the sidelines


s       A relentless juggler


s       Is 10xs his size on the field – full of energy and positive attitude






s       Although has missed the season due to an Injury, has attended all games and team activities in support of her fellow players


s       Does whatever is best for the team and does it graciously


s       Known as the “Secretary of Defense”


s       Exhibits exemplary sportsmanship






House Coach – KEVIN CROPP


s       Is a patient and dedicated teacher


s       Treats the girls as winners on the inside and outside


s       Provides solid instruction, positive motivation, dependable leadership


s       Keeps a level head no matter the situation


s       Practices and teaches respect






s       Started playing soccer with SYA at the age of 16, now a student at George Mason


s       Is a terrific role model


s       Knows each boy as an individual and works with their strengths


s       Guides them with understanding, care and gentle firmness


s       Has character and integrity in the face of frustration