Character Counts Winners - Fall 2009


U 12 Boys Travel coach John Short
John was recognized for being a fair, calm and dedicated coach. He emphasizes equality among players and is teaching the players to respect the referees, other coaches and opponents.
U 10 Boys coach Eric Bunin
Eric was nominated because he encourages players to do their best no matter what the outcome of the game. He is very dedicated to the game and his teams. He is always smiling and you can see that he is enjoying what he is doing.
U 11 Boys  House coach Randy Abeyta
Randy is a skilled leader. He is knowledgeable of the game and really enjoys coaching. He encourages players to do their best and is dedicated not only to soccer, but to his community. He is very active in his local school in addition to coaching.
U 11 Girls  Travel player Abby Mayer
Abby was nominated because she is a “coach’s dream.” She is eager, respectful and a great listener. She once stated during a tournament that “soccer is so fun.” Abby is a great young lady that brings also of positive energy to the team.
U 18 Boys  Travel player Alec Utter
Alec was nominated because of his dedication to the game and to his team (he attended the State Cup match with the Swine Flu so he could support the team). His nomination had the following quote “Alec’s efforts to bring honor and integrity to SYA and the Copperheads demonstrate a commitment to his friends and teammates, leadership, sportsmanship and great soccer.” 
U 14 Boys  House player Cam Meyer
Cam was nominated because he loves the game of soccer. He is dependable, enthusiastic and has a positive attitude. Cam has a “can-do” attitude that sets him apart from his teammates.
U 10 Boys  House player Mark Hill
Mark is the anchor of the defense on his team. He is quite, unassuming and always gives 110%. In addition, he volunteers for any task.
U7 Boys coaches Eric and Cynthia Maison
Eric and Cynthia’s commitment to soccer goes beyond teaching skills on the field. Their team is founded on respect for each other, sportsmanship, and positive attitude. The emphasis is not on winning every play, every game. The focus in on what did you personally do to contribute in a positive way to your team. They are a gift to our community!