Character Counts Winners - FALL 2007

Travel Coach – Willi Williams  (Avalanche (U16 girls)

    • Has a gentle but forceful way of indoctrinating players to the seriousness of soccer
    • Insistence that his players be on time and well-prepared for each tryout, practice and game instills a sense of discipline and team structure
    • Each girl receives a constructive critique on her playing skills that is done in an incredibly powerful manner.
    • If parents stay for practice, it is not uncommon for him to recruit them in some manner.
    • Turned a last place team into a LITERALLY first place team in just one year. This was a major surprise for us because it was the highest goal we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year and through hard work and determination coach helped us to achieve it!

Rec Coach – John Dickens (Thriller U14B)

    • From the beginning he has taught them the fundamentals and yet all along allowing them to have fun.
    • Exhibited good sportsmanship and has always treated referees, other coaches and players with the utmost respect, always setting a good example to the team. 
    • Instilled the boys on this team with a love for soccer, and a respect for each other, other players, coaches, and referees
    • Does not tolerate cheap shots, cheap fouls, bad language or retaliation
    • There is never any fault finding when the team loses and leads by example.   
    • A true role model of quality character
    • Sets a magnificent example for impressionable young men as he encourages them in a positive way to reach their full potential.
    • His passion for the game of soccer is evident in his role as a coach, but more importantly it’s his Character that counts! 

Travel Girls – Hannah Smith (SYA Electric U12)

    • One of the most positive, grounded, and hardest working players on the field.
    • Always smiling, always saying something positive, and always fun to be around
    • First player to try to comfort her teammates after a setback or injury.  One word to describe her as a player, I would immediately say “dependable”. 
    • You can bet that Hannah will be in the right position to cover, and clear the ball away in the nick of time.
    • One of the most coachable players I have ever had. 
    • She listens intently, and is eager to please her coaches and teammates with everything she does
    • She is a positive force on the team in all situations
    • Given that this has all occurred while she goes through one of the most trying family crisis is absolutely remarkable. 

Rec Girls – Emily Nuttall (Strikers U12)

    • Stepped up and eagerly welcomed our three new players to the team. She helped each of the new players get to know and become included in the team.
    • Emily continually set the example of encouragement. It was infectious throughout the team and by the end of the season, our newest  player became a confident player mostly because of Emily’s unconditional support.
    • Part of this award is based on community spirit as well.  Emily participated in a fund raising run this summer and she was there cheering all the runners on.
    • She has participated in this race apparently for several years.
    • As she continues to grow into a young lady, her respect, politeness, sense of humor, community support and huge heart is the reason, she is so deserving of this award.

Travel Boys – Eric Lewis ( Arsenal U12) (goalie)

    • Eric is a true student of the game. He eagerly attends his siblings’ games no matter how early they are.
    • With his team-mates, Eric is upbeat and supportive. He never says a bad thing to anyone
    • As goal keeper, Eric exhibits an amazing attitude, takes his position seriously, and he always tries to save what he can while continuing to cheer his team on
    • Supports former teammates by attending their games as well to cheer them on.
    • It was often mentioned by team-mates that having him in goal made the boys feel better.
    • He is a good soccer team-mate
    • Dedicated, with a serious attitude, a desire to succeed, supportive, positive, hard-working, always there.

Rec Boys – Nigel Narciso (Shockers U10)

    • Gives 100 Percent of his effort every time, he listens in practice, and I see him put his lessons to work in the games.
    • Moves the ball against much larger kids, and sometimes gets knocked down. This doesn’t stop him from springing right back up, and re-attacking the ball.
    • Is the most steadfast, and joyful in his play.
    • His love of the game and being out their playing truly does inspire both his team mates and the parents watching.
    • In our final game of the season, in the championship game in our bracket, Nigel made the game-winning goal through team play, and executing smartly rather than any great physical strength. The cheer that erupted on our sideline and from his own teammates will stay with me for the rest of my life.
    • This is what youth soccer is all about, and kids like Nigel make it that way.

U6-U9 – Ian Masilon (Jaguars U6)

    • An unbelievable friendly and happy 5 year old. 
    • Never stops running passing and scoring goals, all the while with a big smile on his face.
    • His joy for playing the game and having a good time never stops.
    • Enthusiasm for playing is so contagious to all his team mates that he has them all cheering for each other when they are on the side lines as he does when he isn’t playing, which s a rare thing for 5 year old.
    • If we did a short film on what we want a child to be for our league it would be Ian
    • To see Ian play for 10 minutes you would know why I’m so excited for him and his future in soccer, come and watch him play.
    • Renews our sense of why we all volunteer our time and energy in supporting these kids in learning the game of soccer and having fun.