SYA Soccer would like to thank all of our many volunteers who helped make this season's all star tournament a great experience for our players.  In particular, we would like to thank our All Star Coordinator, Kristine Kruse, for her tireless efforts, countless hours of work and dedication.  Once again, thanks to Kristine's great organizational skills, our teams took part in the tournament without a hitch.
Our all star teams were coached by a great group of coaches who put in many hours to get their teams prepared for their competition. The final results were wonderful; but just as important, it was a chance for our teams from each age group to come together to learn, grow and make some nice memories.
Our Spring 2005 All Star coaches were:  Steve D'Adamo, Jed Bobier, and Rob Olson (U8B); Myron King, Mike Dempsey, and Pam Cornell (U8G); Jorge Molina, Robert Johnson, and Carlos Vigil (U9B); Albert Leightley and Dave Rennyson (U9G); Shakeel Yusaf and Ken Bentz (U10B); John O'Donnell and Johan Nye (U10G); Bill Walter and Mike Sullivan (U11B); Tim Burns and David Burke (U11G); Jason Kruse and Frank Etienne (U12B); Elie Mazmanian and Greg Druffel (U12G); Doug Munger (U13B); Kevin Cropp (U13G); Charlie Caldwell (U14B); Rick Whittaker (U14G); Wayne Williams (U16B); Harold Dodds (U16G); Joe O'Bryan (U19B); Willi Williams (U19G).
The following teams were Champions in their divisions:
U9 Boys coached by Jorge Molina
U10 Girls coached by John O'Donnell
U11 Girls coached by Tim Burns
U11 Girls coached by David Burke
U12 Girls coached by Elie Mazmanian
U12 Girls coached by Greg Druffel
U13 Boys coached by Doug Munger
U13 Girls coached by Kevin Cropp
The following teams were Finalists in their divisions:
U9 Boys coached by Robert Johnson
U9 Boys coached by Carlos Vigil
U9 Girls coached by Albert Leightley
U11 Boys coached by Bill Walter
U12 Boys coached by Jason Kruse
U19 Girls coached by Willi Williams