U15 Boys Sidekicks represented Virginia in the Region 1 championships.

Sidekicks results in the Region 1championships July 1,2,3,are the following; Vermont 3-1 , New Hampshire 2-2, and New York West 2-5 in the Region 1 championships. They faced good competition and did not quite advance to the semi-finals. The Sidekicks always play skillful soccer with great style. The Sidekicks will be defending their state cup title in fall 2005 as U16.  

The Sidekicks are: Nicolas Abrigo, Andres Contreras, Chris Dowling, Kyle Guthrie, Korey Horton, Brad Morgan, Darius Raeisinia, Randy Rabung, Darius Raeisinia, Erik Shea, AJ Sheta, Alex Soto, Antonio Soto, John Stertzer, Alex Stom, Matt Swaboda and Howard Turk.  They are coached by Gonzalo Abrigo and Greg Turk and are trained by Gus Donolo.